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Sorry I Haven't Been Around, But I Got A Promotion

September 22nd, 2008 at 07:01 am

Seems like these days it just work work work! Sorry I haven't really been around, but I can assure you I haven't fallen off the boat!

It's been 2 weeks now since I got my promotion. I was promoted to director of marketing. I work in real estate so I keep up with The Real Estate book, our advertising in the local paper, internet advertising, and marketing for individual houses. I also provide a "think tank" for agents who have lost their way in regards to advertising. It was somewhat of a lateral move, but I did get more money outta it. Plus, this is the position I want career wise.

I didn't get the raise that was initally purposed. However, first talks were before everything tanked. I am very surprised I even got much a raise at all. Heck, I'm surprised I even have a job at this point. Having that said, the market has really got me concerned. Aside from the housing market in general, it just seems to me like everything is in a downward sprial. Now don't get me wrong...I think the markets will recover it's just a question of when.

With that, DH and I sat down and spoke about this. We feel that paying down c.c's is a tremendous deal. Especially since it's going to be harder to get any type of credit from now on. However, being the scaredy cat I am, I really felt like we needed to have some type of EF just in case I do lose my job or God forbid a total market crash. So I have taken away some of the extra that we were putting towards c.c's and am now putting it into the EF. We've only saved a little over $1000 but we did it in a short time so I'm confident.

Like I stated prior, I haven't fallen off the boat. It seems as though this fall/winter season the 2 layered shirts (short sleeved on top of long sleeved)will be in style for the little boys. So I've gone to the flea market the past 2 weekends to look for winter stuff for him. I found a good bit of quality clothing for him. What I decided to do was to buy him a size bigger than what he wears. He's in a 2T. So I've been buying 3T. They aren't gapingly big but big enough to wear again. So I'm buying both the long sleeved and the short sleeved to wear together and then he'll be able to use the short sleeved again in the spring/summer and the long again the next fall/winter. He's getting better with the mess skills so we'll see.

Everything here seems to be scooting along, aside from the gas storage we've been experiencing since Ike.