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Short Of Building An Ark

August 26th, 2008 at 07:55 am

My goodness...it has been raining for 3 consecutive days here in GA. I shouldn't complain too much as it is helping out our drought situation. I honestly can't remember the last time we've had so much rain.

There hasn't been a lot to report here thus lack of posts, but we're still hanging in there.


August 8th, 2008 at 10:43 am

It's been a couple of days since I posted last but I've just been so busy. My sister finally moved back to the US from Japan after 3 years and she moved in with us. Soooo I've been having to get her settled in and used to our frugal ways regarding the A/C and the turning off of the water heater. I must continue to remind myself it will take her a while to get used to that as I keep coming home to find the water heater on >:|. School for me has also been hectic with midterms and all.

DH had been reminding me about needing new tires for his SUV for probably about 3 months. He has those big tread truck tires which = expensive. I think it was going to be close to $600. I didn't want to have to buy those so I kept ignoring him. He sent me an email at work one day saying he'd worked out a "deal" with his friend who just became the regional manager of a tire place. $400 to get the tires and install them. Granted with the price of these tires, $400 was a deal but the fact of spending $400 still hurt my feelings.

I had been complaining to my dad about needing tires and it turned out he had found a real deal on some tires. The only catch was, they were used. Apparently, all used tires don't have a bad rap. As freak as it is, someone could've just gotten brand new tires and then gotten in a wreck totaling their car. Then the salvage shop would've just taken off the then used tires and they look perfectly new. Believe me, I voiced my concern of spending money only to fix the problem temporarily. It just made sense to go ahead and spend the $400 to get the whole life outta the tires instead of getting them cheap and only getting like 6 months.

Well we went to the place my dad had found. The tires they'd found were practically brand new. They were white letter Bridgestones and the letters were surprisingly very white and the treads didn't look like they'd seen much road. Being a very critical person, I was much satisfied. Total cost for tires and installation: $170. Couldn't beat that price with a stick.

So We Went To The Vet

August 3rd, 2008 at 02:48 pm

This is Duke. He's an English Pointer. In my last post I talked about having to take him to the vet and the dreaded cost. Well, the visit ended up costing $77.07. It turns out he has an ear infection. We got some antibiotic ointment for his ear. We're hoping that it's just a random infection that will go away in a week. Otherwise, the vet says it may be due to food allergies and in that case we'll have to feed him a special dog food. I soooo hope it's not that because that food can get expensive.

We also ended up doing a heart worm test because he's kind of under weight. The vet said it could be because he went from spending almost 24 hrs in a crate in his old environment to now being able to run around our backyard whenever he pleases, but he just wanted to cover everything. The test did come back negative so we just need to work on making him eat more.

This is Puddin'. She is a Jack Russell/Pug mix. She came along too. She came for the Humane Society fundraiser. Both dogs were able to get their 3 year rabies vaccines for $10 ea. I thought that was a great deal! It turned out being a bit chaotic but in the end we got everything done. It was neat to see so many different breed dogs. DS absolutely enjoyed it. He got to pet so many dogs and it was nice to be around so many nice people.

Well, at least we've got this behind us and hopefully Duke's ear infection won't be related to food allergies.

Ahh....The Dreaded Vet Visit

August 2nd, 2008 at 05:11 am

I'm gonna have to take one of the dogs to the vet today. We just got him and have had him a short time now. I took him in from a divorce situation where he was being neglected. He's been having a problem with one of his ears. I thought he had ear mites so I called the vet and asked if the ear mite stuff at the store would work and they said it would help. Well I bought it and treated him. Well now, it seems that it's gotten worse. Touching the ear and him shaking his head apparently brings pain and he cries. I can't stand to see him like that so we're going to the vet today. I'm not exactly sure how much it's going to cost but I'm going to assume it's not going to be below $60. At least I have cash and won't need to use any c.c's.

On a frugal note though, the Humane Society is having a fundraiser today at local pet supply store where they are offering 3 year rabies vaccines for $10 and other discounted services like nail clipping and flea treatments ect.. The vet here charges about $15 for 1 year. Both of the dogs are due, so I'm going to take both after we make the vet visit. I'm also going to get the new dog a flea/tick treatment for $10. I thought that was a really good deal. Plus, since it's a fundraiser my purchase is considered a donation so I can write it off with my taxes.