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Car Wreck and Christmas Gifts.

October 14th, 2008 at 08:48 am

DH was in a car accident yesterday. A lady decided to turn on green without a turn arrow right into DH's car. Don't ask me how that happend? I'm still trying to figure that out unless she was on her cell or something. She hit the driver side door and somehow drove down the side of it. There's door damage, damage on both the front side panel and back side panel (that black trim is only hanging), running bar is sagging, and if you notice the back tire, that's a spare. She knocked the tire off the rim and bent the rim so DH had to change it to be able to move it. Those doors don't even open anymore.

He's ok but we're having to deal with his car and the other insurance company. He wasn't at fault so I guess that's a good thing. We're waiting and seeing what they're going to decide to do in regards to fixing it. I really hope they will fix it...it's been such a good car. Arg! There's really never a dull moment here.

On the other end of the spectrum here...I have gone ahead and got some Christmas shopping out of the way. I always dread buying for DH's niece and nephews. There are 5 of them and it always gets to be a pain trying to find age appropriate toys...and affordable toys at that. Well, this year I decided to go the clothing route. This is because I'm concerned with the way the economy is going and I'd rather them be clothed than have more toys than they already have. So I surfed Walmart's website yesterday and was able to find each child a winter outfit. I may not be the "cool" aunt this Christmas but at least they'll be warm. Oh yeah, and the total was only $43 for all 5 kids. I only shopped clearance items. Suprisingly enough, they already had some of the winter stuff on clearance. I also did ship to the store for free shipping.

So while we wait and see about the car, at least I've got one thing out of the way.