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So We Went To The Vet

August 3rd, 2008 at 02:48 pm

This is Duke. He's an English Pointer. In my last post I talked about having to take him to the vet and the dreaded cost. Well, the visit ended up costing $77.07. It turns out he has an ear infection. We got some antibiotic ointment for his ear. We're hoping that it's just a random infection that will go away in a week. Otherwise, the vet says it may be due to food allergies and in that case we'll have to feed him a special dog food. I soooo hope it's not that because that food can get expensive.

We also ended up doing a heart worm test because he's kind of under weight. The vet said it could be because he went from spending almost 24 hrs in a crate in his old environment to now being able to run around our backyard whenever he pleases, but he just wanted to cover everything. The test did come back negative so we just need to work on making him eat more.

This is Puddin'. She is a Jack Russell/Pug mix. She came along too. She came for the Humane Society fundraiser. Both dogs were able to get their 3 year rabies vaccines for $10 ea. I thought that was a great deal! It turned out being a bit chaotic but in the end we got everything done. It was neat to see so many different breed dogs. DS absolutely enjoyed it. He got to pet so many dogs and it was nice to be around so many nice people.

Well, at least we've got this behind us and hopefully Duke's ear infection won't be related to food allergies.

10 Responses to “So We Went To The Vet”

  1. sillyoleme Says:

    They are so precious! Our pup has the same problem with his tongue not staying inside his mouth as Duke... what a cutie. Good luck figuring it all out, here's hoping it's not food allergies!

  2. littlemama Says:

    Perhaps you can make his dog food cheaper than buying the canned?

  3. littlemama Says:

    Okay, I did a quick search. Try www.dogalergies.org. They have links to several websites that have a lot of info and recipes for/about dog food.

  4. cargirl86 Says:

    Chances are it's not food allergies ... we had a beagle with those droopy ears, and she was very prone to ear infections.

    I hope the doggie feels better soon!

  5. frugaltexan75 Says:

    Oh my goodness! I'm having major dog jealousy here. Your doggies are SO adorable and precious. And oh my goodness - the pic of pudding w/the paci - sugary sweet!

  6. Nic Says:

    IF there's an odor in your dogs ear,it may just be a yeast infection. That can be treated w/an ear irrigation solution and some ointment designed to treat canine yeast infections.
    Dogs w/droopy ears are VERY PRONE to ear infections. The trick is to keep it dry. DO NOT get talked into special foods for so called "allergies." Vets make a ton of $$$$ off of the food. How do I know this? I've been working at a vet's office for several years now.

  7. scfr Says:

    Your 4-legged babies are darling. I hope that ear infection clears up. Trying to push expensive prescription food seems to be a universal vet trait, and tho I like and respect many vets that particular tactic I'm not at all fond of.

  8. Ima saver Says:

    My baby just got over an ear infection too, poor puppy. Your dogs are so cute and I am sure they are such a joy to you.

  9. gamecock43 Says:

    ADORABLE pics!

  10. FrugalFish Says:

    They are beautiful dogs! My lab had droopy ears and a lifetime of yeasty ear infections. Once we knew for sure it was yeast infections, the most practical thing we found to use was OTC miconizole yeast ointment (for vaginal yeast infections). Cheap and effective. I also used that ointment on boy cat when he got ringworm on his head- cleared it right up.

    My boy cat is sick right now, and I'm worried about him. Yesterday I was sure he needed to go to the vet this morning, but he looks very good this morning, so I'm taking a little bit of a wait and see approach. (We think he has a hairball).

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