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Where's My Money?!

June 16th, 2008 at 09:36 am

Both DH and I got paid on Friday. We both deposited our checks about 12pm....he deposited his at a different branch than I. His check finally showed up on Sat while mine still has yet to. I called the bank maybe about an hour ago and a woman who didn't sound that thrilled to be speaking to me took my information and said she'd look into it and call me back. I was terribly nice to her....even did my yes m'ams. Grrrr! Let me note that DH's check that already cleared in a day was larger than mine (almost double mine). We haven't ever had our payroll checks held before I've got my deposit slip so if I have to fight it, I've got it. I'm so irritated though. We just changed to Suntrust from WAMU in April. We were originally with WAMU before we moved now since we moved, I'm not close to a branch but DH's office is so he'd have to deposit my check the next day. I didn't like that delay so we switched to a bank that was close to both of our offices....Suntrust. I really hope she calls me back soon because if I have to take off from work tomorrow to go over there it's not going to be pretty. What ever happend to customer service??

6 Responses to “Where's My Money?!”

  1. sagegirl Says:

    I deposited a $2xxx check to my bank on Saturday. It was a reimbursement check from insurance and bank informed me that there would be a 3-5 day hold on it. It chaps me, but the branch manager was nice and even gave me his card and told me to call if it didn't post by Thursday and he would look into it.

  2. sounderella Says:

    Well I'm glad that mgr was so good to you. Smile Since we've been with them or any other bank we've been with for that matter....we've never had a waiting period on payroll checks

  3. merch Says:

    Yea, i think it has to do with the money laundering laws. I know if I deposit over $10k, it might take 10 days for the wjole thing to hit.

    Bank of America you usually sends me a letter explianing it and how sorry they are.

    They might also just be waiting for everything to clear before crediting your account. That can take 3-5 days.

  4. sounderella Says:

    Yeah I understand that Merch....but my husband's check was double the amount of my check and his cleared in a day. I'm thinking something got messed up.

  5. 76Chick Says:

    They should still credit the account, even if it shows unavailable. It's not appearing at all? Like you never went to the bank? Weird.

  6. boomeyers Says:

    I agree with 76Chick, it should at least show up online as a deposit. Weird!

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