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Ok... I Feel A Little Better

June 17th, 2008 at 05:56 am

In regards to my previous posts, I just checked out my online banking and saw my check finally posted. It just sucks I had to do all of that though. However I am glad it didn't take that long.

DH finally went to the Dr. yesterday. I just went ahead and sent him to an allergist instead of our general because I already knew it had to be that and I didn't wanna pay 2 co-pays. We have a PPO so I was able to do that. Turns out he may have allergy induced asthma. They did a breathing test on him and he doesn't have full lung capacity. The test was computer animated and you have to blow into a tube. On the screen was the 3 little pigs' houses (this dr sees both children and adults). You were suppose to blow as hard as you could do blow them down. He didn't blow any down so the dr just looked at him and said "yeah.....we've got some work to do". When making his appt. I had mentioned he used to do allergy shots about 15 yrs ago but got careless and stopped. So they're saying they're probably going to make him start doing them again. Which is fine with me if I could just get some peace around the house. His coughing is just horrible. They gave him an emergency inhaler and a maintnence inhaler but it doesn't seem to help the cough any. Maybe with time it will. They won't allow him to take any allergy medication (i.e. antihistmines) until he comes back next week for his skin test. They're doing sputum tests this week. Hopefully we'll get this nipped in the bud. It did suck though that he had to go ahead and pay out his deductable yesterday since he'll be seeing them on a weekly basis. It was $250. I asked DH how much it would be after that and he said 20% of the visit....but we have a $30 specialist co-pay. So I don't know if what he's telling me is true or if we'll being paying the co-pay....but even then I thought once you covered your deductable they covered 100% of preventive care. I hope it's the latter because I've googled the cost of allergy shots just to get a ballpark and they said $1000 weekly. So 20% is $200. We can't afford $200 weekly and I don't know anyone who really could. We have BC/BS PPO and this dr. is in network...surely it'd have to be better than that. I guess we'll see.

On a lighter note. On Saturday I made some little newspaper seed starter pots and started some flower seeds while I'm waiting for my veggy seeds to come in. I did some Zinnias, Poppies, basil, and oregano. I walked out yesterday and saw my Zinnias were already sprouting. I was soooo stoked. Normally I just kill stuff but now I'm growing it. Hopefully I won't mess it up.

1 Responses to “Ok... I Feel A Little Better”

  1. littlemama Says:

    Okay, can you tell me how to make the newspaper starter pots?

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