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Trying To Cut Back Costs

June 19th, 2008 at 08:01 am

In order to be able to apply more to the C.C.s I've decided we need to cut back more. At this point I've found it hard to cut back because we are pretty much at the basics. Power, gas, water, ect.

* I went yesterday and cut back the homeowner's insurance...that's going to save us $30 a month....depending on how fast our mortgage company honors our request to re-evaluate our escrow.

* I'm debating about our internet. Currently we pay $57.95 for cable internet. (Note, we don't have cable tv so that's why it's high). I'm debating switching to DSL for a lower speed for $45 (includes all taxes) or just getting rid of internet all together. The only reason I'm hesistant is due to our Ebay sales, it would delay communication till the next work day when we have internet at work.

* I introduced a new rule to the house that says you must wash your dishes as soon as you're done with them in the sink. This will hopefully solve two problems. One, our dishes have been piling up at the sink due to our busy lives and not getting done....and two, hopefully it will bring the power and water bill down not using the dishwasher.

* I think I'm going to purchase something to hang jeans and other heavy clothing items on to dry so that the dryer won't have to work so hard.

* We aren't doing a lot of driving on the weekends anymore so I'm hoping that will free up some money too.

* I might try turning the hot water heater off during the day to see if that has any effect on the power bill.

What are some things you find yourself doing or cutting back on?

4 Responses to “Trying To Cut Back Costs”

  1. my english castle Says:

    I had a drying rack for a while, but I found that hanging things over the shower curtain rod worked just as well.
    Do have a clothes line? It's a hassle but does save $

    For us, having a "leftover" night where we eat bits of stuff, usually accompanied with something nice like garlic bread, has saved us some money.
    Good luck!

  2. mom-sense Says:

    I have instituted a "breakfast dinner" once a week - my kids love homemade waffles, so one night a week I crank up the waffle maker and cook away - we add fun things like chocolate chips and blueberries (when in season) and have powdered sugar, etc. I also freeze them to use for breakfasts. This saves on cereal costs as well. And on the side we have a cheaply made fruit salad (whatever is in the house with a yogurt dip) or bacon/sausage whatever is a "two-fer" (two for the price of one).

  3. Ima saver Says:

    I have my hot water heater turned off all the time. I turn it back on, 20 minutes before a shower or running the dish washer. It will save a lot!! I have done this for 30 years.

  4. cptacek Says:

    Ima got me to turn off the hot water as well...of course, Ima only has herself and her husband to worry about, and I only do it at the house my DH doesn't come to much (that sounds bad, but it is true); can't get him to do it at home.

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