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Getting Back Some Money

June 23rd, 2008 at 11:10 am

In addition to working today....I figured it'd be a good day to take care of some stuff I'd been putting off. On my lunch, I went to Hobby Lobby to return some stuff. After disputing with the cashier that it had not been 60 days since my purchase (Yes...I had to pull the calendar out) I got my $21.36 back. I was fairly irriated with that one. Seriously, she was arguing with me. After I left there, I went and canceled my tanning bed membership. I know....I know it's bad for you....I just was never able to tan in the sun until a couple of weeks ago. Strange how that worked out. That was $24.95 a month.

I also logged on to my power companies website who offered a break down of my monthly power bill...how much I was spending on cooling, lights, ect. It was just a guestimate but it put things into perspective for me. Ima was sure on the button about turning off the water heater. That sucker costs about $38.46 a month!!! Good thing I flipped it off on my way out the door this morning. I'm going to check the temp on it when I get home.

DS has stopped sleeping in his race car bed I bought used for him a couple of months ago. He's a horizontal sleeper so he prefers a queen size bed. We just moved the one out of our guest room into his. I posted his race car bed on Craigslist last night and I've got a lady coming to see it tonight. I hope she gets it. I priced it at $85 just to get back what I put into it since he really didn't use it.

I'm still working on ways to cut back the bills.

1 Responses to “Getting Back Some Money”

  1. Amber Says:

    Good for you on being persistent...it pays. When I lived on my own I would always turn off the water heater; get one of those timers from Home Depot. Good luck on selling the bed

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