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Sellin' On Ebay And Other Things

July 14th, 2008 at 09:48 am

I posted some of DS' clothes on Ebay last week. I only made a couple of bucks but it was either that or take them to Goodwill. Last night I posted a wedding dress I had purchased, only to realize at the last minute it would not fit. Talk about a scramble at David's Bridal when I found that out! I had to buy a totally new dress!! Anyways, I posted it with all the accessories I had with it. Sad it's brand new and never was worn, but I'm hoping someone will like it enough to get it. I felt a buy it now of $225 w/ free shipping was decent. We'll see.

Moving on, we finally made the switch over to DSL. Turns out the DSL company that was local to us offers a plan where you don't have to pay for a phone line. You're given one anyways, but you only get free inbound calls, 911, 800 #s. Other outgoing calls are .10 a min. Which was fine with me because we normally just use our cells anyways. The plan is $44.99 a month which is about $12 cheaper than the cable we had. The new dsl modem was $62.00 but you get a $50 rebate, so really only $12. Also, after much searching, I found the company offers a $5 discount a month for the first year when you switch from cable. So I submitted my cable bill for that. We'll see on the first bill. So for the same speed service, I think it was a smart idea.

DH and I have been doing well on turning off the hot water heater when not in use. We have also started using a dry towel in the dryer. I did notice less drying time with it. We have also been doing better about not running the AC so hard. (Turning it off at 3am until 4:30pm and then it's only between 78-76) this is probably the only month that I've really wanted the power bill to hurry up a come. I just want to see how much we've saved.

2 Responses to “Sellin' On Ebay And Other Things”

  1. gamecock43 Says:

    That is a pretty dress! I looked on ebay when I was looking for my wedding dress, but I was searching for the coutour (sp?)designers. In the end I found a sample of the dress I was looking for and chickened out! I was unsure of the sizing and too scared to make such a large purchase sight unseen. I am actually kicking myself about it now.
    Good luck selling your dress. If it does not sell, look at your finances to see if its smarter to donate it and get the tax writeoff.

  2. littlemama Says:

    Very pretty dress. You could always try Craigslist also. You never know... Smile

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